Anyone wanna trade for a Castiel ATC? *EDIT: Caught!*

It doesn’t have the watermark, of course.



Cheer up. Or I’ll smite you.

Livestream 2-4-13

I made a few new friends on this one! Thank you guys for the awesome chat and for your infinite patience with my constant resetting. Lol. :)


Commission Castiel by *DeanDraws
Yay more commission work!$10 sketch commissiony goodness.
Castiel and the skyline by *DeanDraws
For AgentAva! (Who requests the most awesomest commissions everrrrrr.) :D
Castiel - Lover’s Meme by *DeanGrayson
Recently brought this out of retirement per the request of one very pushy Destiel fangirl. Haha.
Click the source to full view on DeviantArt.
Commission - Castiel and Gargoyle by *DeanGrayson

dJust a few things I sketched today. :)


Supernatural Chibies by Fox4859

Pfft. How long have these been on Tumblr? ^^;Thanks for the love, guys.
Most of my favorite work comes to me at 3am.Source: DeanDraws@DA