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It’s all Stratataisen's fault. >u>


Dragon Con 2014

Two mini-prints signed by yalestewart. Hal and Barry from JL8.

I have a mighty need.
Commissioned ATCs!
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Commission for Stratataisen :)This scene is from a fic by Kazyre. Check out her work, guys. She’s a fantastic DC fic writer. :)
Nightwing Copics by DeanGrayson


Super Geeky Nerd Boyfriends


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Anonymous asked:

Did you read Multiversity? Because I think you'll like the Earth-36 characters.

I’m actually in the middle of it right now. Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll be flailing all over tumblr about it soon.


Slots are limited to 6! You can catch one here!

The Legend of Zelda by DeanGrayson
Commissioned artist trading cards!
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A Sneak Peek at Justice League: Throne of Atlantis

If you’re not excited about this movie, you gotta reassess your life choices.

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I really wanted to draw Hal and Barry hanging out together. So Hal is showing Barry space. Because let’s be honest if any of us had a best friend who could take us on the trip into space who would say no?  
It doesn’t look exactly the way I wanted, but I spend too much time fighting with Photoshop to animate it to not show it.