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Do you think it's cool you share a last name with Dick Grayson? :3

Fuck yeah I do. :)

Guys, if you want the nsfw blog url, don’t just reply on a post saying you want it. You have to private message me.

Also, please do no share this link. Thanks!

About the nsfw blog.
I’m sure not all of my followers know what tumblr savior is, so I want to keep adult themes totally seperate from this blog. In other words, I don’t want the art I post there to link back to my previously existing pages. Haha.
Oh, I’ll be posting under a pseudonym of course, so please note me if you’d like the url. :)

….Should I make a nsfw art blog?

Commissions from Metrocon 2014~ Thank you guys so much!

Sketches for amazing people~

will-zeke-thomson asked:

Quick question: that picture of Hal and Wally with the puppets and Barry taking a picture; did you do that because you wanted to or because it was a commission? I just wanted to know because if you did it because you just wanted to do fan art of the story then you are a blessing to that writer. Seeing fan art of any degree is like instant validation and having art of that caliber... well that person must have been truly moved. I know I would have been.

I drew it for giggles. :)I’m no blessing! Kazyre is just a FANTASTIC, super inspirational writer, and I’m really excited to see what she writes next!

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Calling all fandoms. They go through 3 bags of feed a day and a round bale of hay in a little over one week. If you can reblog to get a girl a chicken or a guy a trip to Disney, you can spread this around and keep it moving.

What feed and hay can do for a horse…


To this

Still only $25 dollars donated, I have faith that we will still be able to raise enough to take some of the feed cost burden off this rescues shoulders.

Let’s do this. For anyone who donates $30 or more: Send me a screen cap of your receipt and I will draw you one sketch, with inks, of any character you like, and mail it to you.
Offer expires at the end of July 2014. -DeanDraws

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I hope you got the fic I wrote you last night !

To my awesome anons, and friendlies!

I received loads of fics! Thank you all so much! ;u;
I’m planning to make arts for these, but I’ve got a big week/weekend ahead of me, so I’ll be back on tumblr, and DA soon! :D

This is agony for me. It’s like DC knew exactly who to cast last, just to make me squirm.
Swimming chibies by DeanGrayson
Avengers Assemble! by DeanGrayson
Endure And Survive by DeanGrayson
Justice League Pokemon by DeanGrayson
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