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who’s your Barry fancast?
Thought about this a lot, and I gotta go with Liam McIntyre.

With the exception of the top one and the bottom two…we’re doomed. Or at least the movie is.
I respectfully disagree. All of these actors have consistantly surprised us with their work. I’m pretty sure they’re gonna bring their A game to this one too.
And personally I won’t be walking into the movie with super high expectations, because I’m not an entitled fedorasaurus, and I can enjoy a film for what it was intended to be. A source of entertainment for large masses of people, most of which probably have super limited knowledge on these characters in the first place.
Big tip for my buddies! Just watch the films, and don’t be so critical about “oh it doesn’t go along with the comics!”, and “Oh, why did they cast so and so as this hero! I would have picked someone else!” You’ll just ruin the experience for yourself, and probably everyone around you. Be positive, and thank your lucky stars that DC is actually getting their shit together and doing something other than BATMAN for once. :)

They may just be having a harder time casting people? Hell, there may be editorial arguments over which GL they’re using. The Flash is inexcusable though; they’re gonna use Barry, we all know it just choose a damn actor.
Agreed. And I say just cast Armie Hammer for Hal Jordan and be done with it. He’s a top notch action star, and so freaking close to Hal’s look it’s ridiculous. All in favor, raise your hands.

Commissions from Metrocon 2014~ Thank you guys so much!

Sketches for amazing people~

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Calling all fandoms. They go through 3 bags of feed a day and a round bale of hay in a little over one week. If you can reblog to get a girl a chicken or a guy a trip to Disney, you can spread this around and keep it moving.

What feed and hay can do for a horse…


To this

Still only $25 dollars donated, I have faith that we will still be able to raise enough to take some of the feed cost burden off this rescues shoulders.

Let’s do this. For anyone who donates $30 or more: Send me a screen cap of your receipt and I will draw you one sketch, with inks, of any character you like, and mail it to you.
Offer expires at the end of July 2014. -DeanDraws